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Get the "Designer Looks" you love.

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Get the "Designer Looks" you love.

It's about

making a home

you'll LOVE.

It’s about making a home my clients don’t want to leave and can’t wait to come home to!

Finding that combination of colors and styles and pieces that create a space that speaks to them instantly. That makes them say “This feels like it was MADE for us". And it was.

I started creating these personally designed “at home” spaces first as an Interior Stylist and now also as an Interior Designer and Certified Color Expert.

Which lead to sharing my designed interiors on HGTV to inspire others.

And part of working on those or any interior, is finding the right design solutions.

Like making small rooms seem bigger, bigger rooms seem cozier, turning boring rooms into inviting spaces, and making neutral rooms look crisp and calm, or even exciting.

Or finding ways to incorporate treasured pieces with the new, and updating kitchens and baths without always having to gut the space

Overall, I like being able to do for my client whatever they need to feel like their home has become what they love. Things like:

  • Fully decorating magazine-worthy rooms up to their whole home
  • Adding finishing designer touches to rooms to become amazing
  • Being a "Designer-on-Call" on an "as needed" basis for an on-going project they're managing.
  • Giving an In-home Session with actionable steps they can do themselves.
  • Helping them easily select coordinated kitchen & bath fixtures & finishes.
  • Helping them confidently create their Paint Palettes
  • Even holiday decorating making their homes "holiday card- worthy"!

If you have a design-challenged space or home that you would like to love, get in touch with me by calling  425.977.5599  or online for your
FREE Design Strategy Session
a 30 minute call to explore the many options for having a home you'll love!

Book a FREE Design Strategy Session: 30 min. phone call to explore your options

T: (425)977-5599

What Clients Say...

“I can’t make it happen myself, but I know perfection when I see it…”  

– T. Becharas

“Well worth it – I couldn’t have ever come up with… your great design.” 

– B. Ruzerick

“You really picked-up on our style… we are thrilled beyond belief with what we see!"

- J. Hart