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"I love to make dream rooms come true. Creating what's been envisioned, plus adding a dash of design inspiration to personalize it!"

I honestly enjoy hearing about the challenges someone is having with their home because I equally enjoy envisioning the design possibilities that will solve them!

Then moving on to create the design concept, curate a collection and finally, install and style to create the finished space. That is a special moment when it’s all done and ready to be enjoyed by the people I have created it for!

If that is a moment you are looking for too, explore our services or get in touch. I’d enjoy hearing about your home to see how we can help! 

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“Well worth it – I couldn’t have ever come up with…your great design.”
B. Ruzerick

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25 years of experience creating comfortable and inviting homes with designer touches!

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Working with you in-home or virtually, offering color consults, full-service design, co-created spaces, &  consulting guidance!

Mary Brown - One Day Design Example of Cozy bedroom interior design and decorating

Recent Projects

Making dream rooms real room by creating personalized havens that are inviting and comfortable!

Interior design house and modern wooden table and chair
Mary Brown - One Day Design - example of modern rustic living room interior design and decorating

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