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Get the "Designer Looks" you love.

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Get the "Designer Looks" you love.

It's about

making a home

you'll LOVE.

“How big an area rug should I get?” “What kind of tile backsplash would work with my countertop?”  “Is there any better way to arrange this room?”  “What color wood floor would look good?” ”How do I…”

So many questions friends had about their homes, but I loved it. I didn’t really know the design rationale behind it all, I just loved helping them create the spaces they wanted but couldn’t make happen alone.

So I followed my heart, got my interior design credentials at New York Institute of Art and made a career of 25 year. One thing led to another and I began sharing my interiors on HGTV to inspire others.

But what I still really love… is working one-on-one with someone to make the looks they love online, actually happen at home. Finding the right pieces and pulling it all together. Fitting it to their lives, making every space work beautifully.

Just think. You could walk into your space and simply, utterly love it.  Just show me what you like and together we’ll see it comes true for you.

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What Clients Say...

“I can’t make it happen myself, but I know perfection when I see it…”  

– T. Becharas

“Well worth it – I couldn’t have ever come up with… your great design.” 

– B. Ruzerick

“You really picked-up on our style… we are thrilled beyond belief with what we see!"

- J. Hart