Designer By Your Side Terms Of Service

In purchasing the Designer By Your Side service you agree to the following terms

FEES: Services are pre-paid and non-refundable and available at purchase for 90 days. Access to design support ends once your time block has been used. But if your project is ongoing additional time blocks may be purchase on our website to continue services. If there are 30 or more days of client inactivity a $75 restart fee will be charged to review project details to resume work. Travel over 25 miles round trip is at $75/hr.

DESIGN SERVICES: May include but are not limited to activities such as Project Communication with you, suppliers etc., Meetings and Presentations on-site & virtual, Product Selections, Virtual Design Boards and Shopping Links.

APPOINTMENTS (virtual and in-home): If you need to reschedule, we request 24 hours’ notice or a charge for the missed appointment will be applied to your account.

DRAWINGS & DOCUMENTS: If prepared by us they are our intellectual property and may not be used for any purpose other than this project. Drawings are conceptual only and not for construction or permits.

GUARANTEES & LIABILITY LIMITS: We are providing our opinion based on our experience and expertise but we are not managing your project so we are not responsible for any errors or omissions and make no guarantees regarding any products or design suggestions. All product warranties and guarantees, shipping, and delivery, and any damaged goods issues are with the supplier or services you use. We do not project manage or manage any trades. In no event shall the total liability for any causes of action arising out of this purchase exceed the sums paid to the Designer as compensation.

PHOTOGRAPHY: As part of the design process, the Designer is allowed to take photographs of your home during this project and at completion. The photos may be used in publications related to our website, social media or promotional materials. Your full name or project location will not be used with any photos.

CLIENT APPROVALS: While creating the design for your space, we will make recommendations based on our expertise and knowledge. But you will be responsible for all final decisions by giving verbal or written approval.

CANCELLATION: We reserve the right to cancel this purchase if we feel it is not being used for its intended purpose; any remaining balance will be refunded.


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