Just like we've done on

Mary Brown on HGTV

"Home is where

the Heart is."

- Pliny the Elder (A.D. 23-79)

Any pithy saying that has that kind of longevity must, well… hit home.

Seems we all have that longing to live in spaces that make us feel "at home".

But getting there can be another story. Somehow collecting great ideas online doesn't always translate into actually living om great spaces.

For lots of reasons:  Who wants to waste money on things that might not work out? So our home's on a perpetual pause.  Or, we buy things that are "less wonderful" than we can afford.  So if it's a mistake, we're not out much.  We may even have some things we like.  But the whole room?  Not so much.  It never gets to feeling wonderful.  It feels more, dare I say it?  Sad than happy.

I get it.

I wasn't always an interior designer and I have my stories too!  Like having the wrong color flooring installed at home before I really understood how much lighting affects color.  Or how about choosing a dramatically grained countertop for my "U" shaped kitchen, not realizing the grain would meet in the dizzying ways in the inside corners.

But I'm happy to say those days are long o-v-e-r!

I've been able to make a nest I love and help so many other people do the same.   Whether that is sharing homes I've done on HGTV or personally creating rooms locally for people to love.

It's time to get busy making a home you really love, and I'm here to help.  Let's do this together.  I'll bring the design expertise, you bring the inspiration.

Start living the way you’d love to at home.

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