The Styled Room


If you’ve moved and brought furniture with you, or even redecorated recently but you still don’t love your room, usually what’s missing is a beautiful layout, art placement, and accessory styling.

I say that after doing hundreds of rooms while starting as an Interior Stylist. And it’s still a joy to give people back a room (in a matter of hours) that they didn’t think was possible that they now love!

Whether your existing furnishings are brand new or not I can help you love the look of your rooms too.

Plus, create a list of design ideas for any finishing touches and I can also select for you.

This is the quickest way to upgrade your room to get that designer look you love and take full advantage of the investment you’ve already made in your furnishings.

The Styled Room Services Details


What's included:

  • Design Consultation:
    Gather design wishes and lifestyle needs,
    View the room and any related spaces
  • On-site furnishing arrangement direction by designer
    (Client provides typically 2 moving assistants, (i.e. Dolly, Lugg)
  • Hands-on accessory styling by designer, art/mirror placement marked

Examples of ways we can help:

  • Layout Arrangement & Accessory Styling
    Entry, living, dining & great rooms, bedrooms, offices
  • Accessory Styling
    Kitchen & Baths
  • Finishing Touches Ideas
    List of ideas for finishing touches
  • Finishing Touches Shopping Option
    Designer selects specific pieces for you
  • Color Paint Palette Option
    Color Palette created for the room or home

For Complete Room Design -Check our FULL ROOM DESIGN

For Design Support “as needed” -Check our DESIGNER BY YOUR SIDE

For 30-60 Min. Virtual Consultations -Check our QUICK DESIGN ADVICE

The Styled Room

How It Works

Step 1. 

Just call 425-977-5599 or connect online for any questions, or to book your Room Styling!

Step 2.

Once your appt is scheduled you’ll receive an online invoice

Please make a payment by ACH/Bank Transfer. Once a payment is received your appointment is set!

Step 3.

Email your room photos

To be sure they are legible please shot away from windows and bright lights.

Step 4.

Schedule your moving assistants

To arrive 3/4 hour after your appointment starts to allow for our consultation. Dolly or Lugg are options.

Step 5.

Day of: Please remove any items we won’t be using to a space we won’t need access to

Toys, hobbies, all valuables, paperwork, mail, keys, personal electronics, etc.


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