Overlooking Something? 

So Simple, Yet So Fabulous!

When I mention these focal points to clients, it always takes them by surprise.  

No matter how long they have lived there or how much thought they’ve given to their home these focal points have gone unnoticed, in plain sight.

But once they see them, there was no “un-seeing” them. So, we captured these design opportunities to make the most of their space whether they were decorating or renovating.

So what are these elusive focal points?

They were the first glimpse of a space from another space.

But once you are in that far space that part of the room may not be a focal point at all. Which is why it gets overlooked.

But when it is your entire view of a space from the next room, it’s like a framed picture. The opening between the spaces frames a vignette of the room.

These openings form the impression of a space, making your homes design flow beautifully from room to room.

This entry above is such a perfect example of that. What you can see of the next room already feels so well designed and inviting it just draws you in with the anticipation that a wonderful space awaits you!

Beautiful Potential

The finishes and architecture are lovely.
Capturing the next rooms vignette view will bring it on home!  

Added the finishing touches in the next room with interior styling will make its vignette view from the entry an invitation to enter in and enjoy yourself!

Vignette Room View Refresh

Ways to make it great!

Adding finishing touches that complete the picture: 

    Making it immediately noticeable was one way to visually connect the two spaces by using plants.
    Added at this end of the sectional, accented the room view and connected the color palette of the two spaces with the dark entry piece.
    Added behind or beyond the sectional becomes decorative, softens, and fills in the view.
    This adds color, contrast and again connects to the plant in the entry
    Added to the sectional that reflects the entry rug color helps to create a beautiful glimpse into the next space, and once again connects the color palette so that one room flows into the next beautifully!
Complementary Wallpaper

Makes for interesting vignette views!

If you’ve got your eye on the Grandmillenial or Maximillian style, wallpaper will become a part of your look.  It can be challenging to coordinate them but when it’s done right like the photo above it will give you opportunities to have some cozy vignette views. 

A way to do that is to play with the color palette so it complements like these two versions of teal. Even though the patterns above are totally different they’re happy being next-door neighbors because of their color connection. 

Plan your wallpapers so that they read well back and forth between rooms.

Just like here, where the view from the hallway into the bedroom will be equally as pleasing!    

Coordinated Wallpaper & Wall Color

Another way to create fabulous room views!  

This is a grand example of creating a fabulous room view. By repeating the pale pink accent color in the bedroom’s dark wallpaper in the wall color (and more) in the ensuite bathroom creates such a beautiful look.

Creating a dramatic yet superbly coordinated vignette room view! 

And if you are not looking for the dramatic, this paper and paint technique works equally well with soft, subtle colors and patterns.

The charm is in how both views enhance both spaces!  
A Mirrored Vignette Room View

Another beautiful design opportunity!

Mirrors are so popular and I’m glad because when used right, they add so much life and movement to a space. They are a great way to catch a pretty glimpse of an adjoining space. 

This entry is kept simple in design while having the mirror reflect a beautiful stair detail adds just the right touch to make it interesting and feel perfectly finished.

Take advantage of a beautiful room view. . . show it twice with a mirror!
Watch The View

Don’t forget to check the rear view from the mirror!

It’s easy to select a mirror to create a space without checking to see what it will reflect. Even to the point of getting it installed and still overlooking the view.

Some walls just weren’t made for a mirror and would be much happier with a large photo, art, wall hanging or a grouping. 

Entry Vignette View Refresh

 Finishing touches that fit the space! 

Trading out the mirror with a great piece of art, especially one that is scenic, created a beautiful view into this entry alcove as it was interior styled without a mirror.

And then playing off the art by adding an:

    In a calm neutral green that is a beautiful background for the art and the green plant. 
    In a warm cognac leather color, again complementing the art.
    A tall vertical plant in a narrow space is an easy way to add some significant decorating without taking up a lot of floor space. 
Coordinate Your Renovating & Decorating  

Another way to have beautiful vignette room views!

When you can see a decorated space like this entry and a non-furnished space like the kitchen a design can get disjointed fast unless it is planned out.

These spaces complement each other beautifully by

    Of classic of white, black and brown with brass accents.
    So the kitchen can hold its own with the antique furnished entry.
    Including a plant.
    Add a larger counter plant on the kitchen peninsula to reflect the entry greenery!
    Repeat styles, colors and plants in both spaces!
No Separate Entry?

Still look at your main space as viewed from the front door

You can still plan your room’s first impression, even without a separate entry, by visualizing stepping through the front door.

The trick is to look at your room not only from the vantage point of a living space but also as you enter from the front door. 
Faux Entry Room Refresh

Planning the view from the front door makes all the difference! 

The behind the sofa bench is cleverly functioning as an entry piece. But making the long wall across from this faux entry area look great at a glance was the challenge since it’s the big wall seen as soon as you enter.

Here’s how an inviting view was created right from the first moment of stepping into the home!  Create a beautiful main living area too with interior styling by

    away from the doorway so it felt more balanced along the big wall.
    next to the TV dresses the wall and immediately catches the eye with something big and beautiful.
    so it was beautifully visible as you entered.
    behind the sofa helped to decorate and visually divide the faux entry from the seating area.
    While also creating a beautiful and cozy backdrop from the seating area.
    helped define the entry space as well as created a prettier view from the front door.
    Rethink your main room to include a beautiful view from the front door!

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