Having a renovated or newly built home is an incredible experience


Especially when you see it for the first time after all the construction is finished and it’s just waiting for you to get in there and make it feel like home.

Time to bring in your decorating, step back & take in your finished space

What you want to feel at that moment more than anything is your decorating and your new space came together beautifully to create just the look you’ve been waiting for in your home.

There can be a lot of decorating decisions to make to get it right though without making mistakes, feeling unsure or just burned out on more decisions. (Decorating can mean making as many design decisions as during the architectural design and construction phases.)

My best advice from 25+ years of helping people successfully decorate their new spaces: 
1. Make Decorating Part of Your Project Plan

Make a plan at the start of your project what you will do for decorating:

  • Use all or selected  existing decor
  • Start fresh

Then you avoid the BIGGEST most common mistakes: 

  • Moving in existing furniture & décor to discover they don’t go with the new look, or arrange well in the space.
  • Delaying a decision to decorate new & not having furnishings & decor ready when you are.
2. Using Existing Decor

If you’re considering this, really take a look at everything. If anything looks even a little bit worn, tired or dated, it will look even more so once it’s in its new and up-to-date surroundings.

How to know if your decor will work well in your new space  

         FIT & LAYOUT

  • Fits through the route to the room?
  • Fits the size of the space? (floor & wall space)
  • Can it create a pleasing, functional arrangement?

  • Do you still use it?
  • Does it do everything you need?

  • Comfortable?
  • In good repair?
  • Fabric/finish in good condition?

  • Current?
  • Fits architectural style?
  • Fits your overall new style?
  • Still fits your lifestyle?
  • Can you easily update it? (i.e. paint, reupholster dining seat cushions)
  • Fits your overall new palette? 

  • Coordinates with your new finishes? (i.e. kitchen fireplace, flooring, bathroom)
  • Current?
  • Livable (i.e. with children, pets)
3. Using New Decor

It’s always exciting to be able decorate new and to do it right, take your cues from your new architectural style and colors.

How to decorate all new to complement your new space


  • Define your new look with inspiration photos
  • Estimate your budget (check pricing of major pieces in favorite brands)
  • Know your timeline so you order in time
  • Plan where you will store pieces until ready to decorate

  • Prioritize a list of “must-haves”, “want to have”, “hope to have” to maximize the budget

  • Mix 2 or 3 compatible styles so it’s unique to you
  • One of the styles needs to reflect the architecture style

  • Select a palette that complements the fixed elements (i.e. kitchen finishes, fireplace, flooring)
  • Select colors you can live with (i.e. avoiding light upholstery/rugs with children/pets)

  • Determine what size pieces will fit into the best arrangement
  • Select the main piece first & build the room around it (i.e. sectional, dining table, bed)

  • Decide fixture style, finish, size & amount of light needed (i.e. task, ambient  or mood)  

  • Area rugs, art, mirrors, accessories & plants will add your personality & finish off your room.

Making the right decorating decisions at the start of your home project will go a long way to creating a finished room that will make you happy. 

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