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  • Photos of your space(s)
    Capture all angles of the room in landscape mode.
    TIP: start in one corner and work your way around the room.
  • Floor plan with measurements
    Can be simple and hand-drawn (here’s a helpful guide)
  • Inspiration photos or Pinterest/Houzz links (added below)

After I receive the information, I’ll be in touch with any follow up questions and/or next steps.

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For example, if we're working on your living room, your list might include: sofa, two chairs, rug, coffee table, media stand, and artwork.
Do you have any items you're planning to keep?(Required)
Please send any web links to them in the email with your room photos and floor plan. If not, please provide photos.
Excluding design fees and any custom work/construction costs.
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Inspiration photos are an important part of the e-design process! Take some time to gather 6-10+ images that you feel represent the look and feel you'd like to have.
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Unsure? Finding inspiration photos can help!
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Many online sites like Wayfair and Target deliver furniture unassembled and require the customer to put it together.
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