Decorating with mirrors and with art are such hot  interior trends right now that I wanted to share 9 ideas I especially like on ways to do it no matter what your style is!

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Designer Tip #1
Highlight dark walls with a mirror gallery wall

Love to decorate with dark walls but don’t want a dark room? Do a mirror gallery wall! They will be the perfect way to brighten the room but still keep it dramatic.

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Designer Tip #2
Decorate dark walls with an art gallery wall

To decorate dark walls with art gallery wall choose pieces with lots of white or wide white matters so there will be enough contrast to make then dramatic

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Designer Tip #3
How to decorate stairs

Stairway wall art galleries are more challenging but this one is done to perfection. The secret? The bottom row of the art follows the same diagonal line up the wall as the stairs.

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Designer Tip #4
How to decorate with big mirrors

Break a rule right and you’ll have an updated twist on a classic space! Just by “oversizing” a mirror you’ll add instant impact to your room.

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Designer Tip #5
How to hang art in a small room

When you don’t have a lot of floor space to decorate then use an oversized piece of art to do the job!

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Designer Tip #6
Mix up your styles

With styles being so mixed now you have the perfect opportunity to be current no matter what your style is. So if you’re traditional, when the hot trend is modern, you can still design a space with an updated look by adding a vintage modern mirror.

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Designer Tip #7
Add Mirror Personality

Decorating with a mirror in a bathroom is a chance to make a small room look great. Choose a unique mirror and it will become the jewel in the room and give it unforgettable personality.

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Designer Tip #8
How to do a wall gallery collage

This is how to make a wall gallery collage  and not have a mess on the wall when you’re done! The secret? Everything’s arranged into an even shape. So pick a shape, (circle, rectangle, or a square) and start working all your pieces together (like a puzzle) until you get  the best fit. It doesn’t have to be perfect but the closer you get to an even shape the better your wall gallery collage will look!

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Designer Tip #9
Be Bold and Be Done!

Decorate an entryway with a bold mirror and you’re almost done!  Just add an area rug, (KIP: link to my blog on area rugs) a floor accessory (or floor plant) and viola, your space is simply fabulous!
BONUS: This bold mirror treatment will make a small space bigger instantly.

Just keep my 9 designer tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to hanging your art and mirrors in style!

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