Perfect Paint Colors – It’s what everyone dreams of living with. And usually every one’s nightmare to pick.
But it’s not your fault!

Here’s why:

88% of all wall paint colors are neutrals, (gray, white, beige, greige/taupe). Almost all have multiple “undertones”, (other colors showing through).
Neutral undertones are almost invisible in light to medium shades UNTIL 
They are wrongly paired with conflicting undertones (i.e. White cabinets don’t look right with greige wall, don’t look right with white doors/ trim, don’t look right with the countertop. Or the great room walls don’t look right with the sectional , the flooring, and the kitchen.)

That’s where a certified color expert comes in. They not only have the training and the eye to discern the undertones… they have the visual tools to help make the right paint colors obvious to you.

If little paint chips, swatches of color next to existing walls colors were the way to reveal the right paint color to reflect your style, color experts would do it that way too. Instead, they use more reliable ways to get to your right color.

It doesn’t cost any more to paint the right color than the wrong color. It’s just faster and easier getting there and when you have color expert recommendations to guide you.

FREE PAINT CONSULTATIONS! (with a “Certified Color Expert”)
Afraid of picking the wrong colors? Now you can skip the mistakes, and get the perfect colors to reflect your style with my in-home paint consultation! No more guesswork.

Your consultation is FREE with paint purchase.  Just ask these participating Benjamin Paint locations for details:

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