Transforming a Dining Space from
Apartment Style to First Home!

When they moved into a house I’d helped them renovate, it was a dream come true… their first home

And now it was time to do some redecorating. So keeping their dining table which still worked, they wanted to add some beautiful chairs. 

Plus help the dining area style feel more coordinated with their adjoining living area.  

So I went to work to remotely perform a design refresh for them. 

They got just what they hoped for:
A happy ending to their first home’s dining space!

Here's how it happened

I found two chair styles for them to choose from
    • An all wood chair I added a seat cushion to with a washable cover since this is an everyday dining space.
    • An upholstered chair in a dark color suitable for everyday use, that would make gathering for dining feel a little more special.
    • And the added comfort invites longer lingering after a meal.

They chose my favorite!

They opted for the beautiful, comfortable, upholstered chairs in inky blue

The chairs made the table’s wood finish look beautiful and visa-versa.  Just what you want, a perfect decorating partnership. 

Their Room Refreshed Dining area

What a difference the right chairs can make.
Here’s what made these so perfect: 
    • The chair color brings to life the whole space
    • Highlights the wood tables finish.
    • Coordinates the dining space with the adjoining living area, now that both are accented in this inky blue. 
    • An upholstered style chair gives the dining space so much more “presence”
    • It fits both the scale of the room and the table 
    • They wanted “comfy” chairs you could enjoy lingering over a meal, and these invite that
Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of things to make a big change

Just the right things 

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