No one likes living with an old bathroom but the thought of remodeling the second most expensive room in the house might have kept you from even considering it. But the secret to maximizing a bathroom remodeling budget is to simply keep the same footprint.  Just replace the old with the new: keep the tub or shower, sink and toilet in the same place. That will save you thousands when you don’t have to relocate the plumbing and electrical wiring.

By saving there, your budget can be used for all the new things that will make your bathroom gorgeous.  And for using pro’s instead of deciding to DIY things you may never have done before, that may end up costing money to fix.


Another way to maximize your bathroom remodeling budget is to not feel like everything has to be a “show stopper”. In fact, it is better if it isn’t. Bathrooms are smaller rooms and can look overdone if too many things are vying for attention. Instead, decide what will make the biggest impact that you really would love. Is it a  fancy tile backsplash with a matching accent on the floor? Or a frameless walk-in shower? Or gorgeous vessel sinks and faucets, a certain vanity style, or fabulous wallpaper?

Speaking of vanities, take a look at yours to see if they might still have a future in your new bathroom. Because if you like the style, and it is still sturdy, having them painted and adding new hardware will totally transform them.


Lastly, have a plan and all materials selected and purchased before any work begins. That will avoid any costly, time-consuming scenarios of having to change course in mid-stream. You will know you have everything that beautifully goes together to create a bathroom you will love!

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